WiFi North West

W – Wellbeing

I- Improvement

F- Fitness

I – Initiative

In the current climate of cut backs and budget reductions, health and wellbeing support programmes have all but vanished. With this in mind the following packages have been developed, to implement either singly or in a series, to address this area.


To provide a framework of participatory programmes aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the relationship between health, lifestyle and healthy eating.

To develop self-confidence and self-sufficiency to maintain long term positive lifestyle and eating habits.

To provide an informed signposting service for clients to other areas of relevant support.


Through a clear understanding and extensive experience of delivery, a bespoke package of activity will support achievement of health, wellbeing and social development targets.

Improvements in health and wellbeing will result in improved employment prospects, less reliance on NHS services and an enhanced lifestyle. This will have a general effect of reducing dependence on public services.

Creation of advocates within the community who will pass on the messages and build in sustainability for this and future projects.

The practical elements of the programme will improve life skills which will remain with the individuals, increasing self-sufficiency and helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Will have a positive impact on the community in general, creating role models and influencers.